Stuart Comins: House Producer

Stuart is both Song Writer and House Producer at QWAX Studio with a great understanding of the music business after having been Song Writer, Guitarist and Vocalist for a number of bands over many years.

Song Writer

Stuart's song writing is a bit pop, a bit indie and at times a bit querky. His influences over the years have been Elvis Costello, Prefab Sprout, Todd Rundgren and of course the Beatles.

Take a listen to some of some of Stuart's songs here.


Stuart's main influences as a record Producer have been Todd Rundgren, Butch Vig, Phil Spectre and Brian Wilson.
The essence of Stuart's job as Producer at QWAX Studio is to get the best out of the Artist, encouraging and coaxing the Artist every step of the way to enable them to push themselves to the limit in achieving the best. Stuart is excellent at working with the Artists on every aspect of record producing.
The Artist is welcome (if he prefers) to take complete control of the music and in which case Stuart would just attend to the technical side of things.
Stuart is adaptable in his approach with each individual Artist and is prepared to work with whatever style of music you choose.

Stuart takes pride in making the finished record sound better than you could ever imagine.