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Helpful Hints For Artists Unfamiliar With Studio Recording
  • If you have demo recordings of your songs it's useful for our house producer to hear them first. But it's not a necessity.
  • It's also useful to talk through how your songs will be recorded with the producer in advance but again this is not a necessity.
  • Songs will usually be recorded one instrument at a time. This achieves the most professional results. It is possible however to record everyone at the same time if it suits your style.
  • The producer can provide advice and suggestions on arrangement, performance, production style, lyrical content etc. If you don't want this advice, tell him to shut up.
  • If you are playing with a full band, drums etc. you can expect to complete one song a day on average (this is just a guide). If you are using simpler arrangements then maybe two could be completed per day.
  • To get the most out of your time in the studio you should be as well rehearsed as you can be. Working out lead lines in the studio can be an expense business.
  • Mixing the track is an important step. We will ensure that the mix gets the most out of your recording. This stage usually takes between 1-3 hours per track depending on the complexity of the song and the arrangement.



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