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About Us


Here at QWAX we are passionate about music.

We are dedicated to producing great CDs in all styles.

QWAX Studio has the highest technical standards. We deal with the technical stuff so you don't have to. And then at QWAX we go much further. We can help with arrangement, performance, vocal delivery and much more. In fact all aspects of CD production. (See Helpful Hints For Artists Unfamiliar With Studio Recording )

We can provide additional musicians or even our complete house backing band.

Of course, if you want your music to be recorded as you have pictured it, we can do that. You're in charge. But our passion for the creative process means we can show you the options to develope and present your ideas to greatest effect.

Like other studios QWAX will record you're music to CD quality. But much more than that we Produce it.

QWAX makes a difference







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